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pentium 3 xeon


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just the chip and the voltage regulator from the IBM server it came from not a whoel work station

so yes i got my hands on a pentium 3 xeon 1266 mhz 512 kb l2 133 mhz fsb 1,45 V

which forms the heart of my franken pc slapped together from the parts of at least 3 other machines

a pentum 3 probably intel 815 motherboard from a fujitsu siemens

that until now ran a p3 1000 mhz the mobo was cloked at 133 to start with so all i had to do was replace the cpu's

inside an old packard bell cleron case psu and 8 speed gold star cd rewriter

an 80 gig hd from a fried amd pc

a brand new geforce 6200 512 mb agp video card

a 5 port usb 2.0 pci card

a 16 speed external dvd writer

and 512 mb ram i woudl have put in more 640 or 768

but the moetherboard doesnt support any more ram then 512 ..shame

but xp runs just fine in 512 mb with 1266 mhz behind it

the xeon didnt run quite as well at first

it locke dup after 10 minutes but some thermal paste a huge heatsink and an even bigger fan later its running quite nicely

..i am quite happy with this monster

and to my bemusement its able to run several heavy duty games with very little problems

what to think of oblivion and jade empire who both cite a p4 3000 mhz as requirements running on a lowly p3 1000 mhz ?

oblivion is even snappier with 1266 behind



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because the geforce 6200 was the only AGP video card they had

and the motherboard doesnt accept more then 512 mb of system ram

it refuses to boot otherwise

if it didnt this machine would have 1,5 gig of ram by now



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i am not sure if it is an i815

or an xeon at all wikipedia identifies my cpu as a pentium 3 tualatin s used in blade servers

what i do know is that this motherboard unfortunaly caps at 512 mb

so thats next on the list of being replaced that and a heatsink



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NOT a Xeon. All Pentium 3 Xeon CPUs were packaged in a SECC cartridge and typically used an Intel 840 chipset.

It sounds like he has a bog-standard Tualatin FC-PGA-2 processor, which were common in blade servers. They typically don't work in standard Pentium 3 PPGA/FC-PGA socket 370 compatible boards. They are nice processors, but a bit wasted in a board with only 512 MB of Ram. I'd look for a dual CPU ATX mother board on Ebay out of a 1U server or something with an AGP slot and support for ~2GB of ram.