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PB 100: Another victim of vinegar syndrome?


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My PB100 seems to have suffered some major screen damage over the past few years. When I got the pb in 2019, it was completely fine. Then last year I noticed a small discolored spot. And this year it has basically taken over most of the screen. I assume it's the typical vinegar syndrome and the display is shot. It's a shame, as both the display and the logic board were previously recapped.

Any hope in fixing/restoring this? I'm also curious how it started happening from a seemingly perfect screen and how the pace of degradation appears to have pretty rapidly hastened in just over a year. Are there recommended storage practices for these old laptops to lower the probability of this from happening, or will all inevitably be affected over time?


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Ugh, yes, it is. It really sucks, because you can't get the right film to repair those. TFT Color displays can be fixed but passive matrix can't. You can sort of fix them, and they will work with the film you CAN get, but they won't look quite right.
The only storage practices I know of are to avoid heat and humidity, and avoid storing screens around other screens that have vinegar syndrome (that's to say, don't store your 100 next to other laptops). I hear leaving them open can possibly help but that's neither proven or practical.


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I'll 'highjack' this thread for just a moment..
I could get a Duo 230 but the screen looks bad, vinegar syndrome? ..is it fixable when I try to peel off the polarizer film and replace it?

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Nope. Same deal, you can do it but it won’t look quite right without the STN film that isn’t made anymore.


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I have 4 laptops of similar vintage, all developed vinegar syndrome. All of them have passive matrix of course, so that means they are just for parts now if there is no source of STN film.

Too bad, as I modded them with CF-IDE adapters, rebuilt 2 batteries with fresh NiMH cells, recapped some...