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OS 9.2.2 Update?


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Anyone know where I can find the 9.2.2 update legally? Software Update in 9.2.1 no longer works, and everything on Apple's site leads to a dead end.



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Ok... it worked. First time the 9.2.2 download via Update has worked in a while. Usually it gives an error or it doesn't even show up.



GAH! Got the first one for 9.0 -> 9.0.4, but the rest make me agree not to export what I download and then go straight to 404 la-la-land! :-/

Somebody posted a link to an offshore Apple Archive . . . I think it might have been in oz? :?:



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Y'know, Trash old boy, if you moved to Sydney, you could both meet up with LCGuy and myself, and give Cory a heart attack :D

You'd also have even better download speeds from australian ftp mirrors ;)