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NuBus Audio cards for 68k 8.1?


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My main 68k machine is a Duo 280 in a dock, and it has crappy audio. Not that I'm going to be playing music or videos on it, but for a Quadra-class machine it's got poor audio (22khz mono!)

I'm looking for something that has RCA or mini-din plugs, but I've seen one that uses TOS, but I want to tap into the community knowledge because it needs to work with 8.1.


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The NuBus sound cards that I know of are the DigiDesign AudioMedia cards. It either turned into Avid or was bought by Avid.

I would have a look through mac magazines from the year 1994-5, i.e high-end Quadra, NuBus-PPC but definitely before the PCI-slots were introduced. Usually each issue has a theme and there is surely one on sound. They will give you the period perspective on NuBus sounds cards for PPC. SSW 8.1 won't be mentioned, though, on the grounds that it wasn't released until 1998 and, it seems to me that, the worst case scenario is that you have run the software from SSW 7.1 or 7.6

There are PDFs of MacWorld, MacUser & MacAddict available on archive.org, MacFormat in the Macintosh Garden and lots of useful manuals, books and other stuff in vintageapple.org.