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Newton MessagePad 100 repair


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Hi all,

I've just repaired another Newton and thought to take a picture and write it up.

This one was completely dead, I got it on eBay for ~$35.

When I got it, I opened it up and saw that somebody else already tried to repair it but they left it pretty messy. There was electrolyte fluid all over the board from the leaked capacitors. They did a decent job of soldering in new caps, but didn’t clean up the board at all.

I cleaned it up really well with some alcohol and cotton swabs and it was still dead. I decided to look around for a fuse on there - that’s the little white thing in the center of the photo. It was dead so I shorted around it and then it powered up and everything worked except the sound.

After having another look with a magnifying glass I saw the trace between the negative terminal of the cap and the positive terminal of the speaker was broken. I soldered in that patch wire, which is actually a cut piece of a twist-tie (whatever works in this case, I guess!) and now it works perfectly!


Thought this might help anyone else who finds a Newton in similar condition.