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Modern G4 Cube PSU replacement?


Nice! If only we could find one closer to the stock PSU it'd be perfect. Would be nice to be able to power ADC displays also. I think I'd probably be most comfortable running it on the 110 just for some headroom.

This is the same series, but 165W instead of just 80W, which is pretty close to the 205W of the original. At $196, it's a bit more than twice the price of the 80W model, but you might find that an acceptable tradeoff for the overhead.


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The new Apple USB-C power bricks for the M1 Max / Pro laptops are 28v @ 140w. This is more than enough to run a G4 cube (which is not using an ADC monitor). Older USB-C adapters may be sufficient in some circumstances but I don't believe they have sufficient wattage / headroom for spikes.

The hard part is getting a USB-C connector adapter that's rated for 28v @ 140w because it appears to be a new addition to the standard. However, once an adapter is available you would basically end up with a very short adapter with USB on one side and the G4 cube plug on the other. Sounds dreamy.


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So taking a look at the notes of previous experimenters, I went ahead and bought a Mean Well LRS-350-24 voltage-adjustable power supply and butchered one of my LaCie power supply bricks that had the right power connector. Carefully testing and retesting the pinouts for the G4, of the donor cable, I saw that the wiring was effectively 'swapped' (the original ground and V+ need to be hooked up opposite on the Mean Well). I cranked up the voltage dial and then dialed it a little lower as it was 29.8v or so, and made sure that my cables had strain reliefs on them. Please note that if you choose a similar hardware setup that your wiring colors may differ and should be tested and verified before plugging anything in.

I was a little frustrated with the pictures out on the Internet so I decided to snap some photos of my own in case anyone else wants to do something similar.



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Huh, it seems that there's a ready-made replacement G4 power supply that people can just buy without fiddling with making their own cables:

TDK DTM165PW280C. (28v, 165w with right connector) Seems to have the right connector, appropriate voltage and power pinout, and is in stock in various locations. I'm thinking the new asking price is about 2-3x higher than normal because of the medical designation. Might be worth it (plug and play ready, 3 year warranty) for some of you though.

The product family Datasheet is linked and attached for your convenience.


  • TDK-PowersupplyDataSheet.pdf
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Word of warning mind you regarding that TDK power supply - please verify pinouts and power requirements of any application or possible replacement before taking advice off of a casual commenter on the Internet!