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Mini-ITX board project ideas?


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Anybody have any project ideas involving mini-itx boards?(for anyone that doesn't know, a mini-itx board is a motherboard that's about 17x17cm). This one has a 733mhz VIA cpu and 512mb of ram...not a whole lot of power.

I was thinking of building a mini tabletop arcade cabinet, but if anybody has any other ideas I'm open for suggestions

(I already have a file/web server, and a media center)



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You could get OS X running on it and use it as a place to test and improve m68k Mac emulators...



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Yes I know this is bump, but the topic was still on the first page of the section.

I've got the same issue. I have one of the Intel Atom Mini-ITX boards. I built an HTPC out of it, but in the long run it just did not have the power to do HD video. I ended up replacing it with a dual core celeron that I got on special at Fry's.

In the mean time I have been trying to figure out what to do it. I've thought about doing the 68k emulator on it, but I really want to use my sheeva plug for that.

If I had some more time, I get a digital I/O card for it and use it for my Mac floppy emulator project. That would solve the problem I had with the Arduino of just not having enough power. Though using a a dual core 1.6GHz system to emulate the floppy drive in a 20MHz computer seems a little silly.

Another thought is to get an LCD screen, a can of beige paint, some lucite, and a Lisa emulator. You could build a KIRF Lisa.

Actually that sounds really cool.



Dual Core Intel Atom Mini-ITX add-in planned for a Hack In Progress:

I've had an ongoing project using a Compaq Portable II as a "keep it in the trunk" peripheral setup for HP_Mini. So far I've gutted it to fit a Card Reader/USB breakout panel, and a 17" 1280 x 1024 HP LCD Monitor into the side of the internal frame for use in portrait mode with the unit sitting on its side. There would be a removable clear cover with a bulge at the top in its current iteration. Maybe I'll find a better LCD candidate with a smaller frame/bezel that won't require the bulge by the time I start fooling around with it again.

I ripped the original 5.25" FDD so all that remains is the mounting frame and flip up cover door. That'll require a slot-loading DVD to be sourced

I've also hacked the original KBD into a custom layout that'd be usable with the CPQP2 or as a stand alone with any other computer. I've got several controllers to choose from, just need to do the switch matrix.

A vacuum-formed CRT Face door will hide a couple of removable drive bays and whatever else I can cram in there behind it. The plexi will be back painted with the ubuntu logo on a black background.

Fitting it with a Dual Core Intel Atom Mini-ITX board I've been scoping out would make it an ubuntu running, stand-alone sewing machine luggable. This configuration will likely still leave room for, the originally planned, Mac Mini to be stuffed in there somewhere as well.