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Macuserman's Junk Collection


Cheap hobby, far less expensive than an addiction to that incredibly silly, non-sport game involving expensive sticks and ludicrous, overpriced attire.

Anybody here do ski weekends? I rest my case. :p

edit: we learn a lot of useless crap along with useful knowledge, valuable experience and skills while expanding the gray matter envelope.


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the trick is to get some shelves to put things on, then you can have multiple times as much in the to do pile for the same floor area and also it looks more intentional
Haha this is definitely an addict helping addicts response lol. I won't post a picture of my pile it's much to large. I also really need to work on only starting one project at a time I think that would help me considerably, instead of being distracted by shiney new projects.


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I ran out of room for machines ages ago so I stick to projects like cards that will go into something, and I don't need to stack them.



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Scored this beauty just the other day it hasn't even come in the mail yet. I've been after one of these for ages so was extremely tickled to see this one pop up for sale.


One of the last pieces needed to complete my ultimate B&W G3 build.