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Macintosh SE , System 6.0.8 file management help


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Hi friends, I have a Mac Se with 4MB RAM (System 6.0.8) + bluesci v2. I have a volume with over 900 programs in it. The volume is well under 2G so within limits but It takes so long to open and interact with the volume. i have other volumes <500 programs and load\work well so i now want to make smaller volumes.

I have created a new volume and would lilke to move half the contents of the large volume into it.

I cant find a way to select multiple files without holding shift and individually selecting each file. It will take me forever.

I thought you could click the first file then hold shift and pick the last file to select all the files in one contiguous bunch. it doesnt work. I tried booting the mac of another system 6 and system 7 disk but it still doesnt work. I am expecting too much from this old operating system?

Is there a good macintosh SE file management utility that can help here? Any help tips appreciated.