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Macintosh Portable Sad Mac 03001500 00001FFA


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Bought a Portable and when I got it it powered on and gave a Sad Mac code didn't write it down. I finished a recap last night also removed and solder back on three of the SRAM chips down in the lower right since the had a bit of corrosion. It boots but now if loops the startup chime if I reset the system. I'm getting a Sad Mac error 03001500 00001FFA came across a post whren it was a bad trace between ram chips and fixing that resolved the issues so I'll start there. Techkinght mentioned swapping RAM till you find the bad chip. Question does anyone know of a source for replacement ram chips or would I need another portable to scavenge ram chips from. Thanks in advance


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Good news cleaned the board more and touched up solder joints on the ram chips and everything is working now. In the interim I had bought another one for parts so I’m going to dive into that soon. I think more ram would be nice so that may be the next thing to do


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Interesting because I had a 1300 1FFA error code which I think was caused by the interrupt line being stuck as though the button was pushed. I reckon it’s right where those two small capacitors leak behind the buttons, it sets up some kind of via-corrosion problem.

I eventually managed to cut the faulty trace out of the circuit - isolating both ends - and the 1300 1FFA error finally went away - to be replaced immediately by a CD37 error (power manager handshake not present) :) sigh, rolls eyes… no-one said it would be easy, I guess