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Mac II drive sled photo?


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I have a Mac II with no hard drive in it. I want to restore it as close to original as possible. Does anyone have a photo of the original drive mounting method in a Mac II?



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I also have a Mac II but the drive carrier/sled are different to yours - mine is the same as the ones in the IIx and IIfx designed for an ordinary 3.5" Quantum.

Yours appears to be an earlier version made for a larger drive.


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I have a II with a giant 5.25" drive in it, and while it's been some time since I've looked at it, I think it's installed on a bracket similar to yours.



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Sure looks like it. I think my IIfx had a full sized 80MB Apple HD that took up the whole space behind the dual floppy drives.


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I've been looking for one of those sleds... I have a couple of II's and also a 1/2 height 5 1/4" SCSI drive I'd like to put in one... but... no sled. 😞 Is there a (Apple) part number stamped on it? Perhaps on the bottom side?