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Looking for suggestions/sources for Newton Power Switch replacement component


Wondering if anyone knows a good source (other than cannibalizing another unit) for replacement power switches for a Newton 130.  I'm refurbishing one.  Among the issues is a broken power switch, component J12 on the motherboard (circled in pink in the attached photo).  I've spent hours going over data sheets on mouser and digikey trying to find a suitable replacement, but all the switches I find are too large.  The original is approximately 5mm wide, 4mm tall, and 11mm long (14mm including the extended plunger). When the ROM board is socketed just to the left, there's no extra vertical space for a larger switch.  

The plastic backing holding the spring in broke off.  I suspect a previous owner, frustrated with it not powering on due to another fault, forced the external slider and broke the brittle plastic.  I attempted to just repair the switch itself with some superglue, but the process fractured the plastic even more.  I have it cleanly removed from the PCB.  Now I just need a suitable replacement.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.