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Looking for GBMac version 1.3.1 - offering a 500$ reward (via paypal) to anyone who can archive/upload it


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Well I found a virtual Gameboy V0.7.4 and about 84 cartridge ROMS... on my Powerbook Wallstreet.. Got lots of SNES and iNES stuff too..


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I assume you've tried to message men of the right age with the same name on LinkedIn? I've had success with that in the past


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Perhaps post about it on the lost media reddit and someone may find it. Also post on emulator subreddits, etc. I think it might be worth it, thousands of people pass through there everyday


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This is found at the bottom of the page on the japanese version of his website and I tried getting ahold of this Bannister guy He kind of blew me off a little at first saying he hasn't talked to Hideki in about 15 years. I followed up cause he was my only lead and he said to check places like emulators.net and the Internet Archive. If one were to throw some money at him I don't know he MIGHT be convinced to try and get ahold of him but I didn't really have the extra cash to try and bribe him lol I got one degree away from Hideki and that's the best I could do.

Bannister's email is richard.bannister@gmail.com
For the past 6 months or so I scoured the internet in search for a copy of GBMac v1.3.1 - a gameboy emulator for 68K macs. As opposed to all other gameboy emulators for 68k macs, this one is extremely performant and ran quite a lot of games at a high framerate even on my SE/30. There is a version (1.2.6b) uploaded to Macintosh Garden however that one is the "freeware" version, with less games supported and without the ability to save game progress. Version 1.3.1 was only released to people who purchased it and it has never been archived anywhere.

Macintosh Garden's listing also mentions that the app is still available for sale, however the developers e-mail address isn't available anymore (any email you sends receives a bounce-back mentioning that no such account exists). I've tried searching for an updated email from the dev without luck.

As such, I'm putting a $500 bounty to be paid via paypal to the person who can find a working copy of gbMac v1.3.1 version and upload it to Macintosh Garden. If by any chance someone knows how to get in touch with the original developer, let me know. I'm willing to throw quite a bit of money towards the dev to release it as freeware.


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That "Bannister guy" is the one who wrote almost every video game emulator available for the Macintosh platform for many years before OpenEmu was released. 15 years is a long time. If someone hasn't been in touch with a person in that long, it's not exactly easy to re-establish such a connection, and that's assuming he even has any valid contact information. I can understand him not really wanting to on behalf of a random internet stranger.