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LC 575 sudden death chimes after testing ethernet card


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Not sure what happened, but my LC 575 has been operating perfectly after having the motherboard recapped last summer. That all changed yesterday, when I decided to put an a different ethernet card on it to see if it was functional. Well, the ethernet card couldn’t be tested, so I pulled it back off and reinserted the motherboard as before, without any ethernet card. Upon restart, I get an immediate 4 note ascending chime, followed by the same 4 notes in descending order. Video screen did not come on. After pulling the motherboard and replacing the RAM with another the same size, I still am getting the same chimes as before. Not sure if this is the death chimes or not, as I’ve not heard them on the LC 575 before. But, most likely these chimes are the death chimes. Other than RAM having bad connections, which evidently wasn’t the case before adding the ethernet card for testing, is there anything else that should be checked? What did I do by foolishly testing the ethernet card, which wasn’t problematic before?