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Kanga odd power behavior - do I need a new power board?


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My Kanga has recently begun exhibiting extremely odd behavior. It will not boot unless it has a charged main battery, the AC adapter is not recognized by the system , and if I plug it in without a charged main battery the green sleep light glows steady green. The machine has no PRAM battery as I removed it long ago to avoid leakage. I’ve tried holding down the reset button with no success, and now I’m trying to leave it with no power at all (battery or AC) overnight to see if that helps. Do I need to replace the power board? I’ve torn down multiple laptop PCs to replace boards before so I’m not scared of doing that. I’d just rather not do it if I don’t have to. Are there any other possible culprits I should check before seeking out a parts 3400c to try to salvage a good power board?