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It's MO time ☺


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Hello. I’m here from the alternate reality timeline where Apple adopted Magneto Optical disk storage.

Feel free to ask me how it went.



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I need to be getting me one of these new fangled MO drive dohickies.
I can recommend them. Mr. Jobs has started having them installed into his company's NeXT boxes too. They are also all the rage in Japan too which is a great place both the disks and the drives.


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That's seriously impressive

I aim to eventually have a similarly complete collection (so far, on the Mac side I have Mac OS 7.6, 8, 8.5, 9 and several varieties of Mac OS X (including a copy of Server 1.x)), but lack of time, opportunity and funds have held me back, but I'll get there....

I'd love to be proven wrong, of course!



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I picked up a lot of MO disks from Japan recently. 77 mixed 230/640/1.3GB disks, almost all were 640MB. Over half were new still.

They came with a neat 12 disk binder case of which I’ve never seen before. I paid under $2/disk including shipping.

Supply from Japan is readily available.

I recommend an MO drive on a bridge machine and a SCSI MO drive on a vintage machine. ATAPI versions also work on those machines with IDE.

Speaking of which, I should try modding a 630/640 to replace the floppy with an IDE Fujitsu 1.3GB. I wonder if the bus in these can support master and slave devices.

For the ATAPI version of the Fujitsu drive, I’ve found that the same MO Disk Extension linked elsewhere in this thread works as well.


Bought today from HARD OFF in Japan, Y550. They had more, but the price was not so good, and the weight starts to add up.