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Installing Lisa Tools


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I successfully installed the Lisa 3.1 OS from the Floppy Emu Lisa onto my Lisa 2/10, but have been unable to install the Lisa 7/7 Tools (LisaWrite, LisaDraw, etc). Were they supposed to be installed during the LOS install? If so, I have not located them on the hard drive (9k free "blocks", 13.5k total "blocks"). I also tried to copy the Tools from the Emu to the hard disk but got the error "cannot copy master disks". I can make duplicate copies onto other physical 3.5" disks. So how do I get all the Tools on the hard drive?
The Lisa 1 Owners Guide has been helpful, but I cant find a Lisa Office System hard copy or pdf manual for the Lisa 2 anywhere.


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Create a folder on your Hard Disk and name it for the software. Then go to your floppy, mark all of the files, make a duplicate and drag the blinking duplicates to the folder. :)