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iMac G3 DV VGA out terrible


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Hi folks,

I have a couple of iMac G3 DV 400's in my possession. I'm aiming to turn one of them into a frankiMac by removing the internal CRT; hooking it up to an external CRT and butchering the case to eliminate the space (and weight). I also want to replace its internal slot-loaded CD ROM with a standard IDE based CD ROM (or CD/DVD rom). I plan to put the other iMac G3 on eBay.

However, the intended frankiMac G3 doesn't seem to drive the VGA properly. I compared it with the other iMac G3 which seems to be OK. What's the most likely reason for a grotty VGA out? (of course I could swap the iMacs around, but I'm interested in fixing this issue if it's fairly easy - e.g. recap?).

-cheers from Julz