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iici questions


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I have acquired two more iici’s. One just a logic board, one whole computer. The whole one was filthy, i mean bad. Once cleaned in soapy water, rinsed with distilled and let dry, i recapped it and cleaned all pads. They were not bad at all. Power works great, but no chime, grey screen, nothing else. Any ideas?

Other board had a lot of corrosion and 5 broken traces. Two were in power circuit and three around sound area. Washed board, let dry, recapped and cleaned all pads. Fixed traces and she booted right to life. It works really well, just cant get anything from nubus slots. It this common??


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For the NuBus-less board, you might inspect/replace the 74ALS240 at UH1 (I became a first-time IIci owner a couple weeks ago and on mine UH1 was totally chewed up by the cap right next to it).