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Identifying a RasterOps LC PDS card


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Years ago when I got my Mac LC with an Apple Portrait Display, there was this PDS card inside the machine. I presumed it was required to use the Portrait display (I am not sure if I ever tried it with the LC's built-in graphics, and now I couldn't find a list of what Macs supported it by themselves) but I was just wondering if this was anything more than just that.

There is a RasterOps 2400-0004 chip, and the sticker on the top left chip says CVLC V1.0. Below the slot connector it says "(C) 1990 Made in U.S.A". It has the usual DA-15 connector.

There is a mention of CV/LC in here but no details.

Is this anything interesting?


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Ah, thanks, almost that! I wondered why they would call it Colorvue if it can only display greyscale...

My Portrait monitor is in storage, and I didin't expect my LCD to sync to the cards output but it did! With the VGA-adapter I got a green 1024x768 and even without installing any drivers it shows up as a ClearVue/LC. Of which I can found very little evidence other than an InfoWorld article (october 22, 1990) when launched.

Good to know and now that my LC works again, I need to get the LC and Portrait display back together again.


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