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IDE cards compatible with ATAPI?


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If I remember correctly, I had an ATA DVD-ROM drive connected to a VST Ultra-66 card years ago.

I currently have a DVD-RW drive connected to an Acard 6820M, which pretty much guarantees it would work fine with a 6880M as well. The only difference between the two is that the 6880M has on-board RAID capabilities and since it works in Classic and OSX is kind of cool. As far as I know the 6880M is the only method that can give you a RAID capable of being used whether you boot from Classic or OSX.


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I have several cards I can test them with a cd rom drive when I get a chance if you would to know for certain I'm guessing most of them will work fine.


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I guess I'm assuming quite a lot about your question when I answer. If you're asking if any generic, i.e. Windows PC-geared PCI ATA cards, my experience is that they don't work at all. As far as I can work it out, you need a Mac-ROM-flashed card in order to have functionality on Old World ROM Macintosh machines. (pre-blue-and-white-G3) I've tried several generic PCI IDE/ATA cards in my PCI Macs and I haven't gotten any to register in 7.6.1-9.1

Your mileage may vary, but were it me, I wouldn't buy a generic card and hope it works. At least, I wouldn't do it again.

If it's already a Mac-ROM card, you should be golden. The holdup will likely be which version of Apple CD-ROM extension you have installed.


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I think I have that same card (Acard 6280M, not sure about rev 3.0) and it works 100% with the CD-RW drive I installed in my PowerTower Pro.