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Hybrid from Portable on the way out?


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I have a fully functional, recapped Portable (m5120). Never had any problems with it.
Hadn't used it in a while.

Just today took it out to use for a bit, discharge and charge the lead battery a few times (stored outside the portable).

However, with the battery fully charged (6.7V), the portable chimes and boots immediately to a happy Mac when a key is pressed, but once the OS is loaded (6.0.8 portable version) immediately a window pops up indicating that the battery is empty and the portable will go to sleep in 10 seconds (which it then does).

Measuring on the battery connector on the mainboard, the voltage never drops, rock solid at 6.7V during the boot.

When I connect the charger, voltage goes up to about 7.3V, when I then boot the machine it stays on, but a pop up window says the battery is on "reserve" power, and you can continue to work for a short time more.

Battery indicator just indicates right on the "reserve" line, almost empty.
The charge indicator (the lightning symbol) is on, and stays on, also if a take out the adpater.

Visually, the hybrid seems to look OK, what might ne the issue? The painted resistors? They seem ook, can clearly see the tiny line in them (pressumably this line, bit like a scratch, is what creates the correct resistance).

Any guesses? I kinda hope it would be one of the opamps, they would be easily replaced...



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Not that long, about 6 weeks?
Tested with a 25 watt motorbike lightbulb, voltage hardly drops under the 4amp load!
So I doubt it's battery related.
It's a roughly 7month old sealed motorbike battery...