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Help with Color Classic restoration


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Hey everyone! I could use some guidance with my Color Classic restoration project that I've been working on (slowly) over the last couple years. I have already done a main board recap. I have not done an analog board recap although I have the parts.

After doing the main board recap a year or more ago, I installed a SCSI2SD and the OS and had been using the computer off and on and it was booting just fine. Now, the other day I tried to turn it on and I got the flashing question mark indicating no drive found. I left the main power switch on for 24 hours and then tried booting again and it booted into the OS.

Does this indicate I maybe have an issue with the analog board? Or could this be something else I should check? I plan to do the analog board recap anyway but while I have it pulled apart again I'd like to know if there is anything else I should check.

Thanks for the help!


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Intermittent SCSI on mine has usually been a connection issue: check that the LB <-> chassis edge connector is clean and making good contact, and make sure that the grounding lugs on the bottom of the board are making contact with the metal plate. There are of course other reasons SCSI might fail, but I had a couple where it was just that edge connector at the back.