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HDT LightShow & QuadControl Graphics Mods


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I've been using these for a few years, but I thought some other people might like them. I just modified them a bit so I thought they looked a bit nicer.

First is HDT LightShow. I used to use Disk Flash, but HDT LightShow has some color options. I didn't like their originals, so I made my own. Especially the floppy icons. Also, the HDT LightShow on/off switch is next to impossible to tell if it's in On or Off position. So I modified that as well.

Before: FWBLSMod0.gif

After: HDTLSmod3.gif

Before / After:

HDTLSmod1.gif HDTLSMod2.gif

And also QuadControl. Just changed the little indicator.


QMod0.gif QMod1.gif


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