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Have "About this Macintosh" display model?


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I thought there was something about this, but I can't seem to find it.

System 7.1.1 P on my IIfx shows Macintosh IIfx with a picture, but 7.5.3 just says Macintosh with the generic picture. Is there any way to get the IIfx back? Why did Apple switch?


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The change came about with the clones. The system stopped checking the machine ID in 7.5, I believe.


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7.5.1-7.5.3 seems to be when the gestalt IDs were stripped out. Mainly for clones, but also to make the regular OS more like the Performa versions. At least 7.5 would show the model on older machines, but sometimes would just show the generic picasso icon. Mac Identifier is the correct utility to fix it, but, sometimes it doesn't play nice... Both my IIci and my Centris 650 will crash upon boot with it. Need to do some more investigation in Conflict Catcher to figure out if anything is conflicting with the extension (or cdev - have both versions on hand).