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Hard Drive Cloning software for OS9 and below?


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I'm running OS8.6 myself. Back in the day I used Clonezilla, but then I discovered something called WinImage and that's what I used on a Windows PC. Is there any cloning software for classic Mac operating systems? There's one catch though: the drives I'm trying to clone are in a foreign file system so there's no chance of getting them to mount. WinImage and Clonezilla would clone them fine though. OS9 and below will probably give me trouble since it'll say it can't read the filesystem.

If I absolutely have to, I'll get on an OSX machine and do it. But I'd prefer to do it on OS8.6 if something like that exists. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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Just to be clear, are you trying to do this task with another kind of disk using a classic mac, or are you trying to clone/backup a classic mac disk, using a Mac or using a modern/different computer?

On Classic Mac OS, you can pretty much just copy the entire contents of a hard disk to a new one that's been properly formatted and it'll work. You can generally do this while booted to the system you're trying to copy, but I usually boot a third system, say, from a USB drive or a CD. (most late G3/G4 systems can boot OS9 off a USB device.)

Disk Copy 6.x does this on paper, but the max it really supports is 2GB.