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Hackintosh idea: Apple CD SC


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I probably won't be making any hackintoshes, and I probably won't butcher my working Apple CD SC Plus for it, but wouldn't that make a splendid case? I haven't opened it or taken any measurements, but I think that's just the form factor for a modern desktop computer. Sort of like a mini, but bigger with room for more regular size components.



It's been suggested before, but I don't think anyone's gone through with it yet, here or elsewhere on the 'tubes. I could be wrong.

You might like to check the Commodore Disk Drive MiniITX mod over at mini-itx.com, and the Mini Centris. NB: the adapter board for drives that he uses is only needed for the PPC Mini - the Intel Minis use SATA connectors.



It's a great idea, I saw a dual twin core atom mobo w/1 slot that'd fit that or shoehorn into just about any Mac or ZFP case for $99 and a single dual core model for $50!

The HD20 case is a taller version of the APS ZFP HDD case I'm using for vertical expansion on my Classic/6500/projector hack and would be awesome coupled with any HobbitMacHack™!



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I've been contemplating a system inside an external 3.5" case with working 3.5" drive still...


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A company did something insane to enable the Atom's usual "desktop" chipset to support two chips, instead of the normal one. I had only heard of them using it to slap in two single-core netbook chips, so they could have "dual core" Atom in a large netbook, but if you're gong to go for a small desktop, you might as well go for two dual-core desktop chips. Why the company didn't just put the "desktop" dual-core chip in is beyond me. (The company's site also is VERY fishy... nearly all of their products "thumbnails" are just photos of someone else's product, like the iPhone and iPad; and you only see what their actual product looks like when you click through.)



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Atom NetBook Proc on steroids x 2
That still doesn't answer the question. Do you have a link to this?

Either way, it'd either be "Dual Atom CPUs" or "Dual Dual-core Atom CPUs". Dual twin core makes no sense :p

As for having two N260 atoms in a single machine.. whats the point? You can buy dual core atom chips already which would essentially be the same thing (two physical cores plus the two Hyperthreaded logical cores) and most likely use less power. That is just bizarre.

(oh, they might have done that before the dual-core chips were released)


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Yeah, the company I linked to did it before Intel released dual-core mobile Atoms.

I have two Atom desktop boards at home, one an older dual-core 330, the other a newer single-core D410. The D410 board is completely passively cooled. In the chassis I have it in, the main fan even shuts off if it's idle. I really need to get an SSD for it, so it's completely silent when idle. (Not to mention that might reduce the heat enough to keep the fan off under load.)





Intel Desktop Board D510MO with integrated Intel Dual-Core Atom D510 processor. The board also features integrated Gig LAN as well as on-board Video and Audio. 

   * Audio
         o Audio Codec: Realtek ALC662
         o Audio Channels: 5.1
   * Chipset  
         o NM10 Express
   * CPU
         o Integrated Intel Dual-Core Atom D510 processor
         o Hyperthreading Enabled 
   * Expansion Slots
         o PCI Express Mini Card: 1
         o PCI: 1
   * LAN
         o LAN Chipset: Realtek 8111DL
         o Connection Speed: 10/100/1000 Mbps
   * Memory
         o Memory Slots: 2
         o Memory Type: 240-pin DDR2
         o Memory Speed: 667/800 MHz
         o Maximum Memory: 4GB
         o Memory Channels: 2
   * Storage
         o SATA: 2 x SATA 1.5/3.0 Gbps 
   * USB
         o 4 x USB 2.0 Ports
   * Video
         o Onboard Video Chipset: Intel GMA 3150
   * Rear Panel I/O
         o Audio Ports: 3 x Analog
         o LAN Ports: 1 x RJ45
         o PS/2 Ports: 2
         o USB Ports: 4
         o Video Ports: 1 x VGA
   * Physical Specifications
         o Form Factor: Mini ITX (Fits any ATX or MicroATX case)
         o Dimensions: 6.7" x 6.7"
         o ATX Power: 24 Pin
         o 12V Power: 4 Pin
   * Packaging
         o Retail Box
I may have misheard the guys, that's what I've got, strange web site, couldn't find a way to link to the info page! :-/


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That's an Intel Desktop Board D510MO. It has a single chip, dual-core with Hyperthreading Intel Atom Processor D510. (Here's a direct link to the large PDF Product Guide.) It's an ultra-simple little board, but it does its job well.

The processor is 1.66 GHz; and has two physical cores, each of which, via the magic of Hyperthreading, pretends to be two cores; so it appears to the OS as if it is four cores.

I have the predecessor to that, the D945GCLF2; as well as your board's single-core little brother, the D410PT. (Wow, finding all those links makes me despise what Intel did with their support website. Back when I worked there doing motherboard support, it was full of nice clean, simple HTML pages.)



I don't have it yet and I'm hesitant to get one! ::) I meant that's all the info I've got. ;)

I don't want anything, anytime soon, that's going to make HP_Mini seem any slower than it does ATM! :disapprove:

I've been slowly hacking a Compaq Portable II as a peripheral add-on to HP_Mini, custom KBD, removable drive bays behind a vacuum formed CRT Face/Door, a Card Reader replacing the HDD Panel and a Slot Loader DVD behind the 5.25" FDD FlipDoor w/media popping in-n-out of the original slot. A 17" HP LCD Monitor installed behind a window on the side (w/bulge at the top next to the handle) with the whole unit standing on its side for browsing in portrait mode and allowing full access to the vertical I/O front panel.

I WAS planning on EVENTUALLY putting a Micro ITX Board in there, BUT NOT THIS FREAKIN' SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8-o