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Game on 800k Floppy disc if possible

Hi all,

I am am new to this so bare with me if I am wrong in presenting a request. Is there anyone who can help me chase down a copy for Crazy Cars 1.3 that can run on the Mac SE. Ideally I would like it to  be on 800k floppy disk as this is the only means for me to be able to run it on my SE. Also for the second part I purchased a game called V for Victory Battleset 1 D-Day Utah Beach 1944. Disk one seems to have a fault and my SE will no read it nor my Centris 650. Can anyone help or give me suggestions for this one also.





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I got a older Powerbook 1400c for this sole purpose.  So I can copy older Mac games to 800k disks.  The nice thing is I can even go online with it and download the games from Macintosh Garden directly.  But it also has a CD-ROM on it too.  And it's built in disk drive can handle 800k and 1.44MB disks no problem!  If you need someone to make a copy on 800k disk I can help.