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G3 upgrade card


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Hope this is the right section to post this....

I have just bought a PowerForce (PowerLogix) G3 350/175/512K "SPARTAN" upgrade card and was wondering if there is any performance difference between running it in a 7500 or a 7600? Also, what settings would people recommend? Looking at the specs of the two machines they both have 50MHz bus speeds so am I right in assuming performance would be the same?

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and differnt cases?

i believe the 7600 is a desktop and the 7500 a tower but i am not too sure about that



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The 7500 and 7600 are similar enough in motherboard design (all the same type of parts in the same places) that they can be considered identical, however, they are not actually so. They are indeed different part numbers. In fact, some claim that the 7500 has a higher tolerance for overclocking the bus than the 7600 as a function of the difference in part quality between the two models...

They also share the same case design that was common to the 7200, 7500, 7600, 7300, and desktop G3 (slight case mods to accomodate the personality card).

Regardless, virtually any CPU ugprade that works in the 7500 will work in any PCI-class Power Mac including the 7600, 8500, and 9600.