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Future Project Idea: Expansion Spelunx Rooms

Scott Baret

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Here's an idea for anyone who is good with HyperCard and MacroMind Director...how about a challenge to see who can come up with a new expansion room for Spelunx?

The program was designed to be expanded, as evidenced by the builder. All copies of Spelunx came with just three rooms, but apparently there were more in the works. (There was also evidently a DOS version in the works at one time...source for that is the color Spelunx manual).

I've thought about this for years, especially as an educator who sees the value behind the activities of Spelunx and would have loved to have seen more, especially in the areas of mathematics. I haven't programmed a lick of HyperCard in YEARS, so I'd need to get my old Danny Goodman book out, and haven't even opened the copy of Director I got in 2003 (though it's moved around the storage unit a few times).

It would be easy enough to link into Spelunx from what I can tell. 

I figure we've made new After Dark modules, why not one of these? 



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I think that would be a great idea, after having played Splunx and my kids now playing it.

Robyn and Rand Miller might be willing to weigh in on this if we contacted them via Cyan. I am sure details lost to time, but perhaps they still have documentation around regarding how they made the individual modules and put them in.



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That’s a great idea. I have Spelunx both on Steam for modern PCs and the original install disks for the black and white HyperCard version somewhere. The documentation definitely suggested more rooms were planned, and the game itself includes more tunnels that dead end where more rooms would be expected. Sadly the Steam version doesn’t have the map editor.



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I like this idea too - I used to enjoy programming under both HyperCard and Director, so this would be a fun excuse to get back into it. Someone else would need to do the art - I’d be useless there!