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Effectively clone the drive of a System 7 Macintosh Classic?


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Is it possible to "clone" the drive of a system 7 Macintosh Classic?

As a gift from my wife, I got a Macintosh Classic. We bought it from a woman whos father bought it new in Germany. He has since passed away, but there might still be some files on this computer in his original words (old letters and what not) that I would like to preserve before I re-format the computer. If I can someday recover them I think it would be neat to give them back to this woman.

(the files are behind Keychain, so I cannot access them, and the password passed away with the father)
So, until sometime in the future when I find a way to access them (which would be another question for the community about breaking System 7 keychain), I would like to preserve this system state by "cloning" or equivalent.

I have a FloppyEmu (which is great) and was hoping to use that as an external storage on which to mirror the internal hard drive. But I have no idea how to go about this with a system this old.

Any suggestions would be great.

Macintosh Classic
System Software 7.1.1
Internal SCSI ~40M Hard Drive

Thank you



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If you have external data storage available (Zip, HD, even network) you can use Disk Copy 6.3.3 to make a complete, portable image of the drive that can be opened by any other Mac (though support may have been dropped in the later versions of OS X). It's usually better to boot from something other than the clone target drive but if you boot with extensions off you may be able to get it to copy the startup drive.

There are also third-party apps out there that can do something similar.


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That is good to hear. I have a FloppyEmu that I am hoping I can configure to act as a second hard drive (I think I can). And I can boot off of a floppy system disk. Disk Copy 6.3.3, you say? Ok. I will try that. I was looking at Copy II Mac but didn't see an option.
Thank you


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Yup, just set the FloppyEmu to HD20 mode. I think you might need a 20MB HDD image on it first though.