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Early LaserWriter ROM dumps


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Its going to be tough to find. Many folks upgraded their ROMs with the LaserWriter Plus font set. On top of that, most of these printers have long since been tossed. Heck, I can't even find a disk image of the original LaserWriter 1.0 driver (called "LaserWriter Installation Disk"). It doesn't help that Apple's directions state to discard the earlier software.
is this what you are looking for?


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Oh OK. In regards to the disks, early disks (especially from the 80s) often had various forms of copy protection. Even Apple's own software.

al kossow

I don't think any Mac system software disks were copy protected,
at least I've never run into any that couldn't be copied with DC42.

I know MDS is, which was licensed from Bill Duvall.
It would be nice if someone came up with a list of the problem children.

The earliest LW driver that I have is 2.0

It would also be a good thing to get resource and data fork hashes for
all of the files on those early disks.


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Just in case : i have dumped the ROM from the LaserWriter Pro 810 and i serahc to extract a PostScript File (i mean).

The ROM is here : down.dandu.be/ROMcostena.bin

Actually, there is an easter egg on the printer : it's possible to send a fax directly to a restaurant (La Costena) to command Burrito. And the text is on the printer ROM. I will try to exctract the file to try to print the file. I suppose it will be PostScript, but i'm not sure.


Dandu, are you able to take a high res picture of the main board of the Laserwriter Pro 810? That could help figure out how to do something useful with the ROM.


Excellent. Let us know if-and-when you get around to disassembling them. If Adobe's first PostScript interpreter wasn't written in assembly language, "I'm a monkey's uncle."


This is confirmed by "'PostScript' prints anything: a case history" which says "They worked in C, on a VAX 750 running Berkeley Unix, to develop the language, and they tested it on a Sun workstation driving a full-size laser printer that they borrowed from Digital Equipment Corp."