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Daystar PowerCache 50 MHz on SE/30 ???


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I got a Daystar PowerCache 50 that I was initially thinking to add to a IIci, but now I'm thinking that maybe the SE/30 could be a nicer host.

Does anyone has experience with this?
Where could I find the adapter board?
Is it compatible with the Rominator II?



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@Bolle sells combo adapters that are both NICs and provide an IIci cache slot as well. I believe it is compatible with Rominator too.

Otherwise you will have to hunt down one of the twinspark or original daystar adapters.


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Thanks. I sent @Bolle a PM

Actually I just need the simplest possible adapter... I have a RASCSI in the SE/30 and that gives me networking too.

This is the original...
Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 17.43.23.png
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I also run a 50MHz PowerCache in an SE/30. It runs A/UX 3.0 acceptably fast.


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Here's a pic of my adapter and 40mhz card, I use the same adapter with my 50mhz card.


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