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Color Classic - Grey screen with no chime, mouse or boot


Hey All, I have recently managed to get a troublesome Mac Color Classic logic board that would not boot to "kind of" start working.

I completed a full re-cap and ultrasonic clean of the board, but it was still not powering (nothing happened when pressing the soft power button on the keyboard). Then I stumbled upon this post on how @mrpippy.2158 fixed his problem like this:

Turns out I had the same issue with no connection between the right side of C56 and ground. Doing the same fix as per that post finally got this logic board to turn on the computer. But that is far as I get.... no chime, just a grey screen with no mouse pointer and it doesn't start the boot process.
I have a known good CC logic board which boots fine in this chassis so I know the analog board is OK. I've also gone over all the other traces in that same area and can't find anything else wrong.

I've seen quote a few people on these forums post about this grey screen issue with the CC..... but I haven't really seen anyone with a solution to it. Does anyone have any tips on where I should be looking to get this logic board to properly start up?

Appreciate any help you can provide.



I have re-soldered it and checked all its traces. Or are you suggesting that the chip itself is probably faulty?