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Color Classic Cap Cwestion (sorry!)


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I am unfamiliar with the construction on the Color Classic mobo.  Getting ready to pull the bad caps off, but I haven’t seen these black bases before (see picture).  Are they part of the cap?  Do they stay on the board?  What the heck are they?




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If you use the "press and turn" technique to remove the cap, the black plastic part often breaks. Then it is very easy to remove it.



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I use this technique, which I have succeeded in lifting only one pad out of almost 1000 pads:

1. Apply flux to each side of SMD cap. 
2. Heat soldering iron to 400’c with chisel tip 

3. Apply heat to one side of cap at solder joint for 5 seconds

4. Apply heat to other side of cap at solder joint for 5 seconds. 
5. Repeat for all caps on board. 
6. Using a bent needle nose plier, press down on cap and then turn the cap flat against the board from “12 o’clock” to “6 o’clock” then back to 12 and then the other way to 6 and then lightly twist back and forth until cap comes off leaving base and legs. 
7. Carefully remove base and twist back and forth any legs protruding so they snap off at the pad / solder. 
8. Apply more flux on pads and fresh solder on iron, and lightly but persuasively remove the older solder with the rest of the leg inside and replace with the new solder on your iron. Repeat a couple of times for very difficult to remove legs and pads that look dirty. 
9. Clean up with IPA99 and q-tip 

10 ready for new caps. 



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Why do you initially try to reflow the corroded solder joint?  I just start at your step 6 and I haven’t lost a single pad out of hundreds, if not more, since I started doing that.

some flux and solder wick to remove the old solder and cap legs and then shine up the pads with ipa.



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i cut the head off the old cap, never had any issue.

The process is then easy, the plastic base can be broken and remaining legs removed easily.



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I put a piece of steel over the plastic connector (to avoid melting it) and use tacky flux and hot air to remove the caps. Twisting seems like a great way to tear a pad off that might be okay if you use hot air instead.