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Color Classic analog board recap screen adjustments


Hi Everyone,

Quick question, or rather reassurance about a recap of my Colour classic. :)

I have two CCs, one stock and one Mystic (a horrible problem, I know). lol
I've already recapped and cleaned up the logic boards with no issues.

Both worked fine, but for preventative maintenance I am recapping their analog boards.
I've already removed all the old caps and cleaned up the magic goo from under several old caps.
The boards and traces are all in great shape.

I'm replacing all the original caps with the EXACT same values, using the excellent listing provided by Amiga of Rochester.

Upon finishing the stock CC's analog board, it fires up no problem with picture, however the picture is slightly ghosted (like chromatic aberration?) and off colour.
I've done several B&W analog boards and never had this happen.
Do I just need to adjust the CRT controls / rings to get the crisp picture back? Or is there a deeper issue with the caps etc...?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Below is a 'before' photo. :)

Thanks again!
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Man do I feel like a Nerf Herder. lol
My Color Classic's CRT ghosting / image quality issues are all fixed.
I did the recapping of the analog board correctly thanks to your cap listing (phew!)
but, being super over eager, I'd taken apart BOTH of my CCs at the same time to clean and de-cap.
When I reassembled, I simply grabbed one of the CRTs and installed it back with the newly recapped analog board.
Of course, with a 50/50 chance, it was the CRT from the OTHER Color Classic, so it's adjustment rings, etc.. were already set for the other analog board.

Swapped the tubes around and voila! Beautiful Sony Trinitron picture again!


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