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Can't boot from BlueSCSI on a Macintosh Plus


I'm new here. My Dad recently gave me his Mac Plus that he bought new as a 128k in '84, then later had upgraded to a Mac Plus. It boots fine from floppy, but I can't get it to work with my BlueSCSI 2, which I ordered from Joe's Computer Museum fully assembled.

When I boot from floppy, I don't see an icon for the BlueSCSI hard drive. My floppy has System 4.1 on it.

Here's the process I've followed, which seems correct.
  • Added termination diode to logic board. BlueSCSI does draw power from the SCSI port.
  • Formatted 16G SD card as ExFAT
  • Copied recommended image HD20_512-1GB-MacPlus-6+7.hda to SD card
  • Ejected the floppy disk
  • Connected BlueSCSI to 25-pin port on the back of the Mac Plus, and powered on
  • I just get a flashing floppy icon with a question mark, and I've let it wait several minutes
  • Powered off system and examined SD card
Contents of log.txt from SD card:
[10ms] Platform: BlueSCSI Pico
[10ms] FW Version: 2023.01.25-release Jan 25 2023 08:22:29
Flash chip size: 2048 kB
=== SD Card Info ===
SD card detected, exFAT volume size: 15189 MB
SD Name: SL16G, MID: 0x03, OID: 0x53 0x44
=== Global Config ===
Config file bluescsi.ini not found, using defaults
=== Finding images in / ===
== Opening /HD20_512-1GB-MacPlus-6+7.hda for ID: 2 LUN: 0
---- Image ready

=== ROM Drive ===
Platform supports ROM drive up to 1692 kB
---- ROM drive image not detected
=== Configured SCSI Devices ===
* ID: 2, BlockSize: 512, Type: Fixed, Quirks: Apple, Size: 1048576kB
Initialization complete!

I've tried this with 2 different SD cards, and also with several different images downloaded from www.savagetaylor.com, and tried powering it from USB, all with the same results.
Unfortunately I don't have another Mac to test with. Since my log file looks good, I'm beginning to wonder if my BlueSCSI is bad, or if there's an issue with my SCSI port.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!