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Beta's New Unit (7100/80 AV)


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sorry if this maybe is a little semi-offtopic but betac does the label on your rom simm spell out that its 'dos ready' or not so much?
just wondering
As far as I can tell, it's just the normal ROM. It's the SAMSUNG KMM264512G-12 APPLE341-0757.


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You should replace the caps anyway - these machines are old and those capacitors are reaching or beyond their end of life now. Even if they don't *look* like they are leaking, they will be or will start soon.

I recapped mine yesterday. It's a lot of caps but not too bad really. All 47uf 16v except for one 100uf 6v.

Yeah it’ll be done, eventually - have the caps on hand. One of those jobs that needs a fair bit of time put aside to do.


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no problem betac, been curious about basically a '7100 dos ready' label on an untested unwanted rom simm. good luck with your nice 7100 setup btw


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been curious about basically a '7100 dos ready' label on an untested unwanted rom simm
No 7100s were sold as DOS compatible machines and none of Apple's own aftermarket DOS compatibility cards targeted it. Although I believe that some of the DOS compatibility hardware is documented after-the-fact to work. (the 6100 DOS card in particular, once you work out how to make it physically fit.)

And, among Macs that were sold as DOS compatible and/or have affordances (e.g. 7200/120 DOS compatible or any 8500 or 5400 with a GIMO port), there weren't special ROMs to accommodate the card.

It's possible someone pulled the ROM simm out of, say, a 7200/x DOS compat and then just decided it was a DOS compatible ROM, which isn't strictly true or sensical, sine the DOS card on the 7200 and 4400/7220 was just a PCI card that was preinstall/configured.