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BeOS on the Kansas - Wait, What?!


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So... I've been faffing reading a lot of BeOS related stuff in the last few days, and today I've been working on my "list of compatible, and sort of compatible machines".

While going through the FAQs on the Be website looking for the beta ATi Drivers for BeBoxes... I found this little gem! This FAQ contradicts what is Universally Known.


So it turns out that the Kansas 8600s (the 8600/300 is mentioned, but Be initially misreported (corrected in later updates) that the Tsunami 8600s went up to 250MHz inclusive - this is incorrect, the 250MHz machines are Kansas machines) can actually boot BeOS, and are just not officially supported, and their processor speed is misreported. This will be because there is an additional CPU bus on the processor card. Using an 8600/300 as an example, the logic board has a 50MHz bus speed, then there is a 100MHz processor bus on the processor card (this is what Pulse is reporting in BeOS), and then the 604ev Chip runs at a 3x multiple of the 100MHz processor bus.

Another question this begs is... how does this apply to the Kansas 9600 machines? These go up to 350MHz 604evs.

Anyway. In summary: Excellent news folks! If you own a Kansas 8600, and perhaps 9600, you can go to the ball install and run BeOS!

Also just discovered that I can do text wrapping of images. Weird.