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Battery Damaged SE/30


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Went to look at a promising SE/30 here in the UK. On closer inspection there is what I imagine to be typical battery Damage to the logic board and case.IMG_1027 2.JPG

It has got as far as the ROM socket:

There are a bunch of RAM chips - 4xOKI and 4xMotorola(??):
A quantum SCSI Drive:
A Sony Floppy that will need servicing:

And some corrosion to the chassis:

I need to do some reading on the topic but any advice on the board damage and treating damage to the chassis would be appreciated.

The Analog Board and screen look OK. I have some spare SE/30 boards that I can use for spares/instead of the battery damaged one.

The final, maybe, piece de resistance is a PDS card - Labelled CollorServer PDS/30 21:IMG_1026.JPG
Which I am guessing is a graphics card.


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Looks thoroughly fixable. Recap, a couple new SIMM sockets, ROM socket, some ICs, a couple transistors, a new clock, and a few dozen bodge wires. Can't tell if there use to be a crystal at Y1, though.