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Are there any NIX OS's other than A/UX which can write floppies?


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I'm trying to set up a headless machine I can download floppy images to, and then write them to disk using dd or equivalent.  I was planning to use a Beige G3 for this, since I figured it probably has the widest variety of OS choices.  Do any of the various NIXes out there (NetBSD, Linux, Rhapsody, OSX, etc) support the built-in floppy drive?  I saw a mention that some SWIM controllers were supported in Linux, but no more information.  Also, this is a longshot, but do any of them support writing 800k disks?

If there's nothing, then I guess I'll have to settle with a VNC server running on OS9.



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From what I've seen Rhapsody has full SWIM support even though its immediate successor sadly didn't; it's worth a shot if you're already familiar with Rhapsody and have a working copy.  An old (OLD) NetBSD or Linux kernel may have some floppy support but to what degree, I couldn't say.