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apple remote from performas era?


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Also, a Sony TV remote from the same era is compatible with the Apple IR sensor - you could probably get a universal remote for it too


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byrd true I had heard a bit about that quite a long time ago. and funny enough I still remember one of these few websites that bought up the apple remote complained about putting black tape on the sole lab computer itself after finding out that the cart tv's remote caused it to instantly shut down (a sony tv in the same room, some concidence!)

although eventually I found out about being able to set the os to ask about shutting down instead of doing it instantly which is probably a 'better' different cure in my view :)


+1 for the advice from @Byrd if anyone goes the "Universal Remote" route it would be great to document the settings needed.

With the extensive RetroDev going on lately, I'm wondering when it will be possible to reverse engineer and produce my "Credit Card Remote?"
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I know that my Sceptre TV remote turns on my Performa 630CD. It's rather annoying. I haven't checked what other functions on it do anything...