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Another Bundle of Kit


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Hey guys!

Another conquest, a few days old, but still fresh enough imo.

First the pictures, then some of the stuff that didn't make it through the photography.

- BBEdit 4.5 (I'd been looking for a full copy of 4.1 and 3.6 but this'll have to do for now)


- Apple Microphone (Sought since the Classic II debacle, to be used on my Colour Classic now I think)


- Two LC PDS Ethernet Cards (One Daynaport, one Asante. One of them is surplus and so headed to a comrade.)


- Systems Expandable! One SE, One SE/30. (There's to be hackery afoot here!)


- You can see the burn-in a little on here:


- The SE runs 6.0.2/6.1.5 - I haven't gotten the SE/30 to boot at all. The SE was pimped, the specs on the back lie:


- View on the other side:


Other Things

- Two shrinkwrapped Windows 95 kits, one Getting Started and one CD in each

- One Retail boxed Mac OS 8

- PICA ( Pika-chu! ... anyone :?: ) Virex 5.7.1 CD

- Macintosh Performa 580CD Series CD (SW 7.5.1 CD 1.1 X691-0764-A)

- Macintosh Performa 5260 Series CD (SW 7.5.3 CD 1.0 X691-1077-A)

- LaserWriter 12/640PS Software Installation CD-ROM (Z691-0904-A)

- Windows NT 4.0 SP3 for Alpha and x86 (Unclear whether it's the whole OS or just the service pack at this point)

- 3Com Megahertz® 10/100 LAN PC Card Model 3CCFE574BT and donglethingy to connect it to RJ45

- Apple HyperCard User's Manual (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *screech* *glasses*)

That's about it I guess... Time to see what I can do with it all! |)



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Whaaaat. Jealous - nice score on the SE and SE/30. I really want an SE for some stupid reason.

You had better hack the poop out of them.



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Now thats a HAUL! :O And I see the SE/30 already has an ethernet card, sweet! Good luck getting that machine up and going :)



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Nice haul you got there.

The one item you got that really makes me jealous is the bbedit software.

I love that program.