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A/UX & third party video cards compatibility ?


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I was thinking about a third party video card to put in a IIsi to run A/UX (like a radius or an interware).

Does anyone know if there are video card compatible with A/UX or not ?

Thanks for reading ! :)


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In my experience, A/UX definitely can be picky about video cards - it does some clever tricks running video card drivers in a restricted Toolbox environment inside the kernel. In theory, well-behaved cards and drivers will work fine, but compatibility is far from guaranteed.

Both of the cards I own have quirks under A/UX in my IIfx - my Memory Plus 24NB will sometimes cause a hang at boot unless it's the only card in the system, and my E-Machines Futura SX will only do 16 colors in A/UX, despite being able to do 256 under Mac OS. So while it's not quite as helpful as a recommendation, I'd suggest those as ones to avoid!

Some third-party cards definitely are just fine under A/UX, though - many years ago, I had A/UX running on my IIfx with a pair of Radius Two Page Display monitors, driven by Radius video cards of some description (can't remember the exact models, unfortunately).


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Yes, as @halkyardo says A/UX 3/3.1 makes a valiant attempt to run the Mac video drivers, and it does unreasonably well at this given the differences between the OSes. IIRC, the same is not true of earlier A/UX versions, some of which did require special drivers. I do not know where the cutoff is. It's the usual story with A/UX: "well-behaved" mac-compatible things work, but it's not necessarily trivial to find out what's well-behaved in advance. I don't have any really strong pointers for you here other than "if you already have cards in the cupboard, try them, because there's a good chance one of them will work"