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A/UX and ZuluSCSI: a note for future searchers


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A/UX 3.0.1 installs from a ZuluSCSI fine and easily, no need to muck about with optical media. I just did this on a Q650 today.

Copy a big empty HD image to the SD card as hd0.img and copy the A/UX CD as cd1.iso or some other ID if you prefer. Make sure the Apple Quirks switch is set. Then boot using the installation boot floppy and install as normal on a blank disc. (If you go for an easy install, it'll tell you that you need to manually initialise the disc first: you can get to HD SC Setup under Custom Install -> Disk Setup in the A/UX installer).

Note that both the installation and the "creating filesystems" stage take ages on a big virtual disc. Do not be alarmed if it sits there for ages.

This requires far less mucking about than installing from a scsi2sd, IME.
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As a further shortcut, the A/UX image hosted on the garden (see linked post below) works out of the box with ZuluSCSI as well - you don't get to experience the joy of installing a new OS, but probably the shortest path to be up and running on real hardware!