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7zip for classic Mac OS?


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Is there a 7-zip supporting compressor or decompressor for the classic OS available or needs it to be written first?

I found p7zip and stuffit for OS X only.

For interested people using vintage macs

A low memory LZMA decompressing source is at the coreboot project repo to find.



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AFAIK, the 7-zip format (.7z) was only made available when the 7-Zip program in Windows was introduced. I doubt that there's anything available that supports that compression format on anything released earlier than the release of 7-Zip itself.


Dog Cow

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7zip = the devil's compression format of choice.

I downloaded some file in 7zip a month or few ago, not knowing what it was, then was annoyed when I discovered I had no program on my Mac to decompress it.


Dennis Nedry

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It's open-source, so it could theoretically be gotten to build somehow on a classic Mac.

Your best bet is probably to decompress on a modern Mac or PC and then transfer the decompressed stuff over.



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Ah, my bad. There doesnt seem to be one. if the unix version doesnt need too man libraried you /might/ be able to make a sioux version.




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Unarchiver doesn't support all the features of 7zips anyway, like passworded archives. Better than having to use command line 7z for everything, though.



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I come to the conclusion that 7z decompression is only possible in OSX.

LZMA is a open source algorithm so its not impossible to write a archiver even for system 6-9.