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7600 (in parts)


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OK, no box or drives, but...

•7600 mobo with 64 (16x4) MiB RAM and fully populated VRAM sockets. Includes speaker and A/V connectors board. I think I'm seeing a L2 cache card...

•Processor daughtercard for the above: 604 @ 120 MHz

Power supply for the 7600 et al. This was the item I was really interested in because it will fit the Quadra 840AV mobo I have too...

Three auctions from the same seller, everything advertised as tested and in full working order. I put a 1 EUR bid on each, just for fun -- with the intent of increasing the PSU bid later.

Final result? No more bids -- got the whole package for 3 EUR (plus shipping, let's hope it's not outageous!). Interesting deal, even as a backup, just in case one of my 7500 gives up the ghost...




Cool! :lol: It's too bad you're across the pond, I'm moving those same parts and the drives out of my 7600 and into a re-case hack. You could have the case for shipping if you really wanted it.