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6500/5500 failure modes? Chime with no boot


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I have three of these boards in various speed grades and all three will chime and then... nothing. No green light, no display, no keyboard activity (it doesn't seem to do the second keyboard light flash). It doesn't matter if there's RAM, cache, or a good PRAM battery installed or not, nor does it matter which chassis they're installed into (I have three different Macs they fit into): they all chime and then sit there blankly until power is removed. Two will respond to a keyboard reset command, the third won't. None will do a PRAM reset from the keyboard.

Anybody know what the deal is with these? Is it a common problem? Is there something specific to check? Are schematics available for these? I was planning to use one or two of these in modified Color Classics, but if they're that temperamental I'd probably switch gears and go with a 5400 board; they seem more stable.



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Sorry for resurrecting an old threa (I also did this before the forum meltdown). My 6500 mb also started behaving like this after a recap. Does anybody have a clue where to start looking for errors?
Mine does a restart from the keyboard. I’ve tried without cache-card and moving the RAM around, a new battery and resetting the CUDA.