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2016-06-11 Recent Moderation Actions

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Hello everybody,

You've probably noticed that we took a moderative action recently. We rarely do this -- ever.

The rules and policies that we have and are slowly adapting and updating as we go along are designed to keep the community running smoothly, mostly self-moderating, and friendly to different people who want to come and enjoy 68k Macs with us.

We have tried to work with this person over the course of the past four years, including, but not limited to, completely turning a blind eye to commercial advertising, updating our rules and terms of service to create a vendor program designed specifically for this person to operate their commercial business here on the forum, and willfully ignoring reports from other members of the community about their toxic behavior, about which we didn't specifically have a rule.

We've tried several times over the course of the years to extend the olive branch, and it simply didn't work.

This person managed to last a lot longer here than they would have on most other web forums. I hear anecdotes frequently from community members about how lenient we are.

In other news: I appreciate your continued patience as we work on the site at a glacial pace. Both wthww and I have full time jobs, among other commitments, and so finding a few hours a week to sit down and make some of the needed changes is challenging.

Our next step is to restore the old images. Yes, this is two years in the making. No, we don't know exactly when it will happen. After that, we are going to advance to the next version of the Invision Power Board forum software. After that, we would like to start investigating either a theme for the board or making some changes in terms of the site's static information.

Right now, "reference" materials are over on the 68kMLA Wiki, which frequently experiences problems from being on the same web stack as something much newer and tolerant of different security measures. We hope to move the information from the 68kMLA Wiki into Invision's Pages system, which should make this resource much easier to use and contribute to.

We all have different ideas about the platform, and about modern computing, but we're all here because we've got some kind of appreciation for vintage Macs, and I think that makes it worth the effort.

Thank you again!


Cory W.

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