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2011-12-24 - Rules Updates, General Announcements


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Hey Everybody!

Just a few quick things.

The first is that I've updated the 68kMLA IRC Guidelines page, mainly to mention that the forum rules (things like "keep it civil" and "this isn't an ebay seller appraisal mechanism" and "follow the law") also apply to the IRC channel. Fairly straightforward, but it beared mentioning.

The second is that I have updated the 68kMLA Forum Rules page with a new section about the house style here at the 68kMLA. Here's the full text, just in case:

Also, a little note about "house style" on the MLA - we discourage excess quoting as it tends to make threads cluttered and unreadable. Please don't quote the post directly behind yours, unless you need to extract a small part of a long post and reply specifically to that.
Just a few more notes.

Please obey the law.

We don't care what Jobs and Woz did before they started Apple, and we don't really care that the bits we're most likely talking about here are "abandonware." Why? Because Jobs and Woz were breaking the law, whether or not they were ever prosecuted for it, and because there's no such thing as "abandonware".

Keep it Civil

Especially when it comes to matters of spotting something wrong in the forum. This takes two forms.

a) Don't try to be a moderator. If you see something wrong, it may be a better plan to use the report button or contact a moderator than to call somebody out on it in the forum.

B) In general, remember to keep it civil regardless of what has happened.

Moderator Decisions are Final

I'm in the habit of replying to 1,000-word (and longer) messages justifying my own and the other moderators' actions. This is not going to fly much longer. To put it simply, I probably spent between 5 and 20 minutes making some moderative or administrative action, in the hopes that it would save me from this later on. I'm going to be pretty miffed if it takes me ten minutes to read the message I get from you and then another 20-30 minutes for me to actually assemble the case as to why the action was necessary.

This is a matter of personal style, of course. If you are genuinely interested in one aspect of the ruling, or why the judgement seems to have come down so harshly in one direction, feel free to send us a quick note.

It's also worth noting that as of today, your friendly moderators are...

Cory5412, Trash80toHP_Mini, Bunsen, and LCGuy (listed from West to East, I'm pretty sure. [:D] ]'>)

All of that having been said, I hope everybody has the happiest of holidays, and that the new year greet us warmly.